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Van Diest Supply Company


Chemical Distribution

Van Diest Supply Company is a distributor for all of the major agricultural chemical companies. These crop protection products are warehoused at Webster City, Iowa and our sixteen outlying distribution centers then sold and delivered to approximately 4,000 dealers throughout a sixteen-state area located in the heart of the Midwest Cornbelt.

Van Diest Supply Company marketing people are located throughout the Midwest. They generate sales and supply technical support to our customers. The products are delivered to dealers from Webster City, Iowa and from our sixteen outlying distribution centers by company-employed drivers in company-owned trucks.

Delivery Capacity

We have a company-owned delivery fleet of 92 semi tractors, 60 straight trucks and 125 pickups. We have 75 van trailers for packaged goods and 37 bulk transports. Van Diest Supply Company can deliver over 3 million pounds of product per day with our own delivery fleet.

Distribution Centers

Our 16 outlying distribution centers are fully staffed year-round to serve our customers.

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