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Van Diest Supply Company’s Specialty Products Division offers the most complete line of specialty products in the industry. Our Specialty Products team members have 401 years combined pesticide experience. Van Diest Supply Company’s Specialty Products Division markets in a 14 state geography in the Midwest, Plains and Rocky Mountain regions.

Our Specialty Products Division is nationally recognized for its product training and stewardship programs. Each spring Van Diest Supply Company hosts regional mosquito product training seminars and service clinics for mosquito spraying equipment. In the fall Van Diest Supply Company hosts regional training courses for the vegetation management, aquatics and the turf, tree and ornamental markets.

Van Diest Supply Company has published three nationally recognized product guides for the specialty markets we serve: Turf, Tree and Ornamental Guide, 8th Edition; Vegetation Management Guide, 13th Edition and our Mosquito Control Guide, 7th Edition. Each guide contains a complete section dedicated to Aquatic Vegetation Management.

Turf, Tree, and Ornamental Market:

Our full product line of Turf, Tree and Ornamental products meet the needs of golf courses, lawn care companies, tree care companies and nurseries, parks and recreation departments and sports turf facilities.

Vegetation Management Market:

Our brush control, bareground applicators and noxious weed customers are served with a full line of vegetation management products.

Mosquito Control Market:

Van Diest Supply Company carries a complete line of larvicides, adulticides and application equipment for the mosquito control market.

Aquatics Market:

Our full line of aquatics products control aquatic weeds and algae in lakes, ponds, irrigation and drainage ditches.

Dann Watson
Vice President, Specialty Products
Matt Sweeney
Marketing Specialist, Specialty Products
T.J. Wiemers
Marketing Specialist, Specialty Products

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