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When I applied at VDSC, it was to get a good paying office job in Webster City. Now 16 years later, I have been very happy with my decision. The wages and benefits including the 401(k) match are very good, and I will be here until retirement. 

Janet Loughry
Accounts Payable

What I enjoy most about working for VDSC is the honesty and integrity that goes into every facet of the business. From the people to the Cornbelt line of proprietary products, VDSC really invests the resources into making sure both are of the highest quality. It is nice to work locally in the community you grew up in and see the positive differences the company you are working for impact the community in which you live. Van Diest Supply Company is truly a leader in the agricultural industry and being family owned company since 1956 will continue for years to come.

Dan Asklund
Marketing Specialist

If you have a strong work ethic, a passion for what you do and a desire to succeed, Van Diest Supply Company is the place for you. I have been at VDSC most of my "professional life", and yet I am able to come to work knowing I will be able to learn something new every day while working on a variety of projects. I'm proud to be part of a company that still values honesty and integrity while providing excellent customer service. 

Karleen Carlson
IT Manager

I grew up two miles from the plant. I am amazed at the growth of the family-run business. They offer generous wages with late model equipment. 

Dale Elm
Semi Driver

For me, VDSC is a great place for a career because of the caliber of the people. Van Diest Supply is truly concerned about their employees, and you are part of a team with a name, not just an employee number. 

Mark Vander Werff
Ag Area Manager

I am proud to work for an American owned Family held corporation. Since 1956 Van Diest Supply Company has been doing business with the same philosophy, "Do it right and do it better than the competition". You can hold your head high when you say you work for Van Diest Supply Company. 

Richard Lake
Specialty Area Manager

I enjoy working for Van Diest Supply Company because they offer a competitive wage that allows me to provide for my family. Van Diest Supply Company promotes a safe working environment and has provided me with many opportunities to continue to grow professionally. 

Dustin Moothart
Bulk Terminal Manager

I enjoy working for VDSC. The opportunities I have been provided to move up in the company and be successful are far better than my previous work environments. My work is different every day, and I love that kind of challenge. With the competitive wages and good benefits, I am able to contribute to my household and give my family a better life.

Sarah Elliott
Formulation Business Manager

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