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Volley® ATZ Lite NXT

A preemergence herbicide for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in field corn, production seed corn, silage corn, sweet corn, popcorn, Miscanthus or other non-food perennial bioenergy crops

acetochlor: 2-chloro-- N-ethoxmethyl-N-(2-ethyl6-methylphenyl)acetamide: 46.3%
atrazine [2-chloro-4-(ethylamino)-6-(isopropyiamino)-s-triazine] and related triazines: 18.3%
TOTAL: 100.0%

Contains 4.3 pounds/gallon of acetochlor and 1.7 pounds/gallon atrazine and related compounds

EPA Registration No. 62719-670-55467

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