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CORNBELT® AMSTIK PLUS™ is a blend of Ammonium Sulfate and a proprietary nonionic surfactant blend designed to improve efficacy of Glyphosate and Glufosinate herbicides as well as other herbicides.

Ammonium Sulfate, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Glycerol Humectant and Siloxane………….46.0%

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CORNBELT® AMSTIK PLUS™ is specially designed for water conditioning to improve wetting and reduce surface tension of the spray droplet. CORNBELT® AMSTIK PLUS™ contains an anti evaporant Glycerol Humectant designed to resist drying of the spray droplet which causes crystal growth of the herbicide. CORNBELT® AMSTIK PLUS™ contains a built-in silicone anti-foam agent to minimize foam formation. USE RATE: Use CORNBELT® AMSTIK PLUS™ at 5 quart to 5 gallon per 100 gallon of spray solution. The most common use rate is 2.5 gallon per 100 gallon of spray solution. 2.5 gallon of CORNBELT® AMSTIK PLUS™ per 100 gallon of spray solution provides 8.5 pounds of AMS and 1 quart of nonionic surfactant. When environmental conditions, water quality and/or weed sizes will make weed control difficult, the higher rate in the rate range should be used. CORNBELT® LOCKTITE™ may be added for increased deposition, canopy penetration and retention on the leaf surface improving the performance of many herbicides.

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