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CORNBELT® BASE™ is a blend of alkaline buffered methylated seed oil, nonionic surfactant, ammoniated nitrogen, and compatibility aids.

Alkaline buffered methylated seed oil, nitrogen-based fertilizer solution, nonionic surfactant and antifoam agent: 100%

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CORNBELT® BASE™ is a “basic blend adjuvant” that enhances the performance of many herbicides including sulfonylurea herbicides such as Accent®, Accent Gold® and UpBeet®, and imidazolinones such as Pursuit® and Raptor®, and sugarbeet “microrate applications”.

Basic Blend Adjuvants increase water pH which increases water solubility of certain herbicides and are referred to as blends because they contain very different components that have different functions within the composition of the adjuvant.

CORNBELT® BASE™ combines the surfactant advantages of nonionic surfactants, methylated seed oils, and fertilizer adjuvants, while raising the pH of the solution which enhances the solubility of many sulfonylurea and imidazolinone herbicides.

Example: Accent® is 3 times more soluble at a pH of 8.5 than at a pH of 7. UpBeet® is 100 times more soluble at a pH of 9 than at a pH of 5. Pursuit® is twice as soluble at a pH of 9 than at a pH of 7.

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