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CORNBELT® CROP OIL CONCENTRATE is a superior blend of paraffinic base oil and non-ionic surfactant/emulsifier providing excellent leaf penetrating and wetting properties.


Paraffinic Petroleum Oil: 83%, Surfactant Blend/Emulsifier: 17%, Total: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® CROP OIL CONCENTRATE contains a paraffinic base oil which is over 90% unsulfonated, reducing the amount of residues that could damage sensitive plant tissues.

The surfactant/emulsifier used in this formulation has been laboratory and field proven to provide excellent emulsifying and spreading qualities. Defoamer has been added to CORNBELT® CROP OIL CONCENTRATE’S formulation helping minimize the formation of foam when mixing. Foam slows the spray tank filling process and can lead to an uneven tank mixture.

CORNBELT® CROP OIL CONCENTRATE penetrates the waxy layer of cuticle on the leaf surface increasing the opportunity for more herbicide to be taken up by the plant, thereby, enhancing herbicide activity.

CORNBELT® CROP OIL CONCENTRATE reduces the surface tension of the spray solution providing more uniform droplet size and better spreading characteristics of the spray droplet on the leaf surface. Increased herbicide retention and drying time are two more added benefits of using CORNBELT® CROP OIL CONCENTRATE.

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