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Silicone Emulsion: 10%, Inert Ingredients: 90%, Total: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® DEFOAMER is an effective way to prevent or eliminate foam from becoming a problem while mixing pesticides. Foam is usually a result of pesticides and concentrated surfactants being mixed together under agitation. Defoamers work by reducing the surface tension of bubbles, preventing them from forming or lasting. Some of the disadvantages of foam buildup are uneven tank mixtures (pesticide becomes tied up in the foam), spray tank overflow and slow tank filling.

CORNBELT® DEFOAMER should be added to the tank before pesticides or other adjuvants. In cases where foam has already developed, simply add CORNBELT® DEFOAMER in a zigzag pattern over the foam. CORNBELT® DEFOAMER will not react with any pesticide it is used with.

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