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Ammonium sulfate based water conditioning agent with drift & deposition management Agents and defoamer

A Proprietary Blend of Ammonium Sulfate, Polyacrylamide and Polysaccharide Polymers and Antifoam Agent: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® DRI-GARD® is a multifunctional drift & deposition management and water conditioning agent containing the TransGard® System technology.

CORNBELT® DRI-GARD® is a milled ammonium sulfate that contains a unique combination of polymers that provide drift management and improved deposition.

CORNBELT® DRI-GARD® is designed to be used with herbicides that call for the use of AMS and in applications where drift, deposition and foaming are issues.

CORNBELT® DRI-GARD® is formulated with a patented polymer system that improves spray penetration and performance.

CORNBELT® DRI-GARD® contains silicone antifoam to minimize the formation of foam in the spray tank.

USE RATE: Spray pressure below 30 psi or when using cone or raindrop nozzles: 9 pounds per 100 gallon of spray solution. 9 pounds of CORNBELT® DRI-GARD® per 100 gallon delivers 8.5 pounds of ammonium sulfate. Spray pressure greater than 30 psi or when using flat fan or flood nozzles: 9 to 12 pounds per 100 gallon of spray solution.

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