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Drift & deposition management and water conditioning agent

Ammonium Sulfate: 20%, Acrylamide Sodium Acrylate Linear copolymer: 1%, Glycerol/Acid (citrophosphate) & siloxane: 14%, Inert Ingredients: 65%, Total: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® GARDIAN® is a multifunctional drift and deposition management concentrate and water conditioning agent containing the TransGard® System technology. CORNBELT® GARDIAN® is designed for use on both transgenic and conventional crop varieties. CORNBELT® GARDIAN® is formulated with a unique combination of patented, high molecular weight viscosity modifiers and antievaporants.

Drift & Deposition Management

CORNBELT® GARDIAN® aids in drift & deposition management in three ways:

  • Minimizes Fines/Atomization
  • Anti-Evaporant/Humectant
  • Contact/Deposition

Water Conditioning Agent

CORNBELT® GARDIAN® conditions the water in the spray mix in three ways:

  • pH Controlled Buffering
  • Sequestering Agent
  • Electrolyte Management

Additional Features & Benefits

CORNBELT® GARDIAN® contains a silicone additive to minimize the formation of foam in the spray tank.

CORNBELT® GARDIAN® is a pre-swelled high molecular weight polymer. Pre-swelling prevents the caking or gelling effect often found in traditional drift management products.

Use Rate

1-3 quart per 100 gallon of spray solution.

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