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Drift & deposition management and water conditioning agent plus ammonium sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate: 34%, Glycerol/Acid (citrophosphate)- Acrylamide Sodium, Acrylate Linear Copolymer complex & siloxane: 3%, Inert Ingredients: 63%, Total: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® GARDIAN PLUS® contains the same features and benefits of CORNBELT® GARDIAN®, plus the addition of liquid ammonium sulfate:

  • Drift and Deposition Management
  • Water Conditioning
  • Defoaming
  • Pre-swelled Polymer

Use Rate

If 8.5 lbs of AMS is desired: Use 2.5 gal per 100 gal of spray solution. If 17 lbs of AMS is desired: Use 5 gal per 100 gal of spray solution.


CORNBELT® GARDIAN PLUS® is the perfect fit with Glyphosate products. In addition to ammonium sulfate, a drift, deposition and water conditioning agent is suggested when using the various Glyphosate products. CORNBELT® GARDIAN PLUS® provides the convenience of a liquid with everything you need in one container when using Glyphosate products.

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