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High surfactant load methylated soybean oil containing a multifunctional patent pending nonionic surfactant and drift and deposition management agent with anti-bounce technology.

Proprietary Blend of Methylated Soybean Oil, Fatty Acid Complex Alkoxylates, Alkyl Aryl Polyoxyethylene Glycol, Oligomeric Resin and Isomeric Alcohol Alkoxylate: 94%

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CORNBELT® GRIPTITE™ MSO is specially formulated to provide the MSO needed at reduced rates for herbicide technologies that require a high quality MSO for increased efficacy such as Kixor technology. Use CORNBELT® GRIPTITE™ MSO when the herbicide label calls for a MSO and you want better canopy penetration and droplet retention on the leaf surface. CORNBELT® GRIPTITE™ MSO is for use with all nozzle types. The adhesive properties of CORNBELT® GRIPTITE™ MSO provide superior anti-bounce of the spray droplet and greater retention on the leaf surface.

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