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CORNBELT® HAND CLEANER is specifically formulated to remove pesticide stains, oil, grease, paint, seed dyes and other hard to remove contaminants from skin. Its potent cleaning action even removes such herbicide stains as CORNBELT® TRIFLURALIN, Treflan, Prowl and Pendimax (DNA yellow herbicide stains). While removing tough stains, CORNBELT® HAND CLEANER moisturizes and conditions skin because emollients have been added making it pleasant smelling and gentle to use.

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CORNBELT® HAND CLEANER may be used with or without water, then wiped off with a towel or rinsed off by water. Convenient 13.5 and 32-ounce tubes are easy to hang on a sprayer or anywhere a hand cleaner is needed. Spring loaded caps make it easy to open the tube with one hand.

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