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Water Conditioning Agent

CORNBELT® N-TENSE™ is a new technology water conditioner based on amide chemistry evaluated extensively by Michigan State University and designed to replace Ammonium Sulfate in tank mixes primarily with glyphosate.

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CORNBELT® N-TENSE™ Development

  • Four years study at Michigan State University by Dr. Don Penner on the active ingredient in CORNBELT® N-TENSE®
  • Two years study at North Dakota State University on the active ingredient in CORNBELT® N-TENSE®
  • Three years of independent evaluation in Germantown, TN by Dr. Patrick McMullan of agroTechnology Research.

CORNBELT® N-TENSE™ Reduces Glyphosate “Tie-Up”

  • Prevents calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese from antagonizing glyphosate.
  • Maintains glyphosate in the most effective form
  • Reduces pH in spray from 4.5 to 3.5 further enhancing water conditioner activity

CORNBELT® N-TENSE™ Improves Herbicide Performance

  • Contains a powerful potentiating agent which facilitates active movement of glyphosate into the plant.
  • Improves rate and efficiency of movement into the leaf and translocation through the plant


  • Concentrated formula
  • Covers more acres with less warehouse & transportation costs
  • Easy to mix & use for applicator
  • No torn bags of dry AMS

CORNBELT® N-TENSE™ Directions for Use

  • Add to spray tank before adding glyphosate
  • Use rate: 1 to 2 quart /100 gallon
  • Compatible with CORNBELT® GARDIAN®  and other deposition agents
  • Do not use with sulfonylureas or other products where a low pH of the spray mix is detrimental.
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