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A unique multifunctional high load modified soybean oil and water conditioning agent with anti-bounce droplet retention on the leaf surface and drift and deposition management.

Proprietary Blend of High Surfactant Load Modified Soybean Oil, Citric Acid, and Oligomeric Resin: 92.5%


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CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ is a high surfactant load modified soybean oil containing a multifunctional patented nonionic surfactant and drift and deposition management agent with anti-bounce technology.

CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ is specially formulated to provide the MSO needed at reduced rates for herbicide technologies that require a high-quality MSO for increased efficacy.

Use CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ when the herbicide label calls for an MSO, and you want better canopy penetration and droplet retention on the leaf surface.

The adhesive properties of CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ provide superior anti-bounce of the spray droplet and greater retention on the leaf surface.

The citric acid in CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ functions as a chelating agent which chelates hard water cations such as calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium, preventing them from binding to the herbicide and adversely affecting the performance of the herbicide.

CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ is APE and NPE free and may be used anytime the pesticide label calls for the use of either a COC or an MSO. CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ contains a silicone antifoam to minimize the formation of foam in the spray tank.


Add CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™ at 1 to 2 quart per 100 gallon of water. Use the higher rate with products containing Kixor® Technology or when applying to larger, difficult to kill weeds in adverse spray conditions.

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