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High active ingredient non-ionic spray adjuvant designed to enhance the effectiveness of herbicides which recommend the addition of a non-ionic surfactant.

Principal Functioning Agents: Alkyl Aryl Polyalkoxylated non-ionic surfactant and free fatty acids: 90%, Inert Ingredients: 10%, Total: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® PREMIER 90 is a low foaming, non-ionic spreader activator with superior rain wash-off resistant properties.

Superior composition of CORNBELTt® PREMIER 90 incorporates the properties of a wetter/spreader surfactant when used in herbicide spray mixtures. CORNBELT® PREMIER 90 is designed to quickly wet and spread a more uniform spray deposit over the leaf and stem surface. After drying, CORNBELT® PREMIER 90 resists washoff compared to surfactants that do not contain free fatty acids.

CORNBELT® PREMIER 90 is low foaming because additional anti-foam agent is added. Foam slows down the loading of spray tanks and can lead to uneven mixtures in the tank.

CORNBELT® PREMIER 90 reduces the surface tension and contact angle of the spray droplet by 2/3’s compared to water, which increases the surface area covered by the herbicide and helps the herbicide penetrate the weed.

CORNBELT® PREMIER 90 is the industry standard for non-ionic surfactants to measure up to!

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