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CORNBELT® SHEPHERD™ COMPLETE is a patent pending drift reduction agent (DRA) that is designed to reduce the impact of pump shear stress on drift mitigation. This system balances drift mitigation with properly sized droplets so as not to interfere with herbicide activity.

Alkaline metal salts of carboxylic acids, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Compensatory Solute, Poly 1-Carbamoylethylene, & Dimethyl Siloxane...............................50.1%

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Cornbelt® SHEPHERD™ COMPLETE is an ammonium-free water conditioning agent designed for glyphosate tank mixes with dicamba and other herbicides. Cornbelt® SHEPHERD™ COMPLETE is a strong water conditioner that is designed to increase the activity of glyphosate in hard water. Cornbelt® SHEPHERD™ COMPLETE is NOT an acidifier but is a true buffer that tends to hold the pH of a spray solution of a glyphosate tank mix with dicamba to a minimum of 5.2. Cornbelt® SHEPHERD™ COMPLETE at the 30 fluid ounces minimum per acre rate contains the equivalent of one pint per 100 gallons nonionic surfactant specifically designed to improve the performance of glyphosate. Cornbelt® SHEPHERD™ COMPLETE contains a high technology defoaming system to control foaming in the spray tank.

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