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Acidifying Agent to enhance the performance of herbicides that are weak acids and to protect fungicides and insecticides from degradation due to high pH spray mixes.

Proprietary Blend of Beta-Hydroxy Tricarballyate and Quaternary Phosphate: 48.0%


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Herbicides that are weak acids, such as glyphosate, Glufosinate, dicamba, 2,4-D, and paraquat, perform better when the spray mix is at a lower pH. CORNBELT® SPRAY pHIX™ is a strong acidifying agent which will lower the pH of the spray mix.

The half-life of many fungicides and insecticides can be greatly diminished in a spray mix with a pH of 7 or higher. Fungicides and insecticides have a longer half-life in a spray mix with a pH of 6.

In most spray mixes, 1 pint of CORNBELT® SPRAY pHIX™ per 100 gallon of spray mix will put the pH of the spray mix at or near the ideal pH of 6.

CORNBELT® SPRAY pHIX™ contains a silicone antifoam to minimize the formation of foam in the spray tank and is APE and NPE free.


In most cases, add CORNBELT® SPRAY pHIX™ at 1 pint per 100 gallon of water. If CORNBELT® SPRAY pHIX™ is being used in conjunction with another adjuvant with acidifying properties, such as CORNBELT® PANOPTIX™, add CORNBELT® SPRAY pHIX™ at 8 ounces per 100 gallon of water.

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