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Methylated Soybean Oil

Methylated Soybean Oil, Single Isomeric Nonionic Emulsifier and Siloxane: 100.0%


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CORNBELT® Tarragon™ is designed to enhance the performance of many post-emergence herbicides by increasing the amount of herbicide taht penetrates through the plant cuticle to reach the "target site" within the weed.

The single isomeric nonionic emulsifier in CORNBELT® Tarragon™ creates a homogenous, stable spray mix and aids in wetting and spreading on the leaf surface,

CORNBELT® TARRAGON™ may be used anytime the pesticide label calls for the use of a methylated seed oil in place of traditional nonionic surfactants and paraffin crop oils. Do NOT use if the pesticide label prohibits the use of an MSO.

CORNBELT® TARRAGON™ contains a silicone antifoam to minimize the formation of foam in the spray tank.


Under normal conditions, add CORNBELT® TARRAGON™ at 1 gallon per 100 gallon of water. DO NOT use less than 1 pint per acre.

When applying to larger, difficult to control weeds or in stressful conditions, consider increasing the rate to 2 gallon per 100 gallon of spray solution, if the pesticide label allows.



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