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Proprietary blend of active foam agents & formulation aids: 100.0%

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CORNBELT® ULTRA-MARK™ FOAM MARKER is specially formulated with a unique blend of high foaming surfactants and stabilizers that delivers longer foam life:

  • Under hot conditions
  • Under windy conditions
  • Whatever the water hardness

CORNBELT® ULTRA-MARK™ FOAM MARKER provides the applicator with one of the most long lasting and versatile foams on the market today.


  • Standard: 1 gal per 100 gal of water
  • Soft Water (<300 ppm): 1 gal per 120 gal to 160 gal water
  • Hard Water (>1,000 ppm): 1 gal per 80 gal water

Whenever a foam colorant additive is used, use one gallon of CORNBELT® ULTRA-MARK™ FOAM MARKER for every 80 gallon of water.

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